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Citations of third-party works in appendix only. As alluded to in 2ea19b71d4a917babb29024f06acabfe73309f40 's commit message on 2014-12-17 19:52:15 -0500, keeping any information on a part-by-part basis is difficult and error-prone, since there exists no reliable way to auto-generate such information accurately. Therefore, citations to third-party works, in addition to remaining fully documented in the commit log as they always have been, are now placed in specifically one location in the body of the text itself: a single appendix specifically designed for that purpose. In this manner, contributors have no house-keeping work regarding citations. Contributors need only list third party works and links in one place: third-party-citations.tex. Documentation in CONTRIBUTING.md for making contributions of third-party works is left as a TODO.
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