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Replace editorial commentary w/ FSF's link. My personal comment here, which I wrote on 2003-05-26 (see f05ce6c657e07a5e6c6def3f7ff8cb2b2bcf6246 ), is probably not particularly useful. I still tend to use the phrasing as original stated in the removed text herein; however, I'm admittedly the only one. I don't deny that I hope to coin some terminology usage through my work on this Guide, but this particular use of "nonfree software" to mean "noncommercially proprietary" is not so important IMO that this Guide must coin it. The FSF's page on this doesn't make that distinction, and has much more detail on this issue than this section does. Therefore, the personal statement is removed, and the organizational statement on the FSF's site is instead linked to.
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