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fork of repository: guide Copyleft and the GPL: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Guide
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Copyleft and GPL Tutorial Materials

This repository contains various tutorial materials regarding the suite of GNU General Public Licenses and copyleft (as applied to software).

The primary item of interest is an omnibus book on copyleft that is built from the comprehensive-GPL-guide.tex file.

You can build this project with the following command:

$ make

HTML output will be in the public_html directory and a PDF file will be in comprehensive-gpl-guide.pdf.

You may need to first install texlive, tex4ht and a few other things. On Debian-based systems, this command may work as root:

# aptitude install texlive-full make tex4ht

You may also browse the current version of the guide on, and download a PDF of the Guide as well.

Note the canonical repository for this project is on gitorious. Typically, copies of this repository on sites other than gitorious are for informational and backup purposes only.


Improvements of all kinds and manner are welcome. Please review the instructions and details regarding making contributions for more information.